The Instituto Alavés de la Naturaleza-Arabako Natur Institutua (IAN-ANI) is a non-profit cultural and scientific association; it was legally constituted in 1988 (registration of associations A / 1287/88), although it had its direct precedent since 1973 in the Association for the Study and Protection of Nature in Álava (AEPNA). It has also been declared of public utility in March 1997.

As indicated in its Statutes , the purposes of the association are:

  1. The study and knowledge of the natural environment, both in its pure and applied aspect.
  2. The disclosure of previous knowledge and the results of the investigations carried out.
  3. The protection and conservation of the natural heritage, collaborating if possible with the competent institutions to enable a rational use of natural resources.

Throughout these years, the activities carried out by the association have encouraged more and more people to approach it.
The scope of study and preferential research of the Institute extends to the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, with special attention to the Historical Territory of Álava.
In fulfillment of the indicated objectives, numerous scientific investigations have been carried out, which have included:
Field and laboratory work on different aspects of the natural environment (Geology, Paleontology, Botany and Zoology).
Advice from public administrations on issues related to the Institute’s scope of study.
Coordination and exchange with other associations and institutions.
Conservation, expansion, improvement and study of funds and scientific collections.

In the same way there have been numerous outreach activities:
Courses and conferences: aimed at a broad public interested in knowledge and interpretation of nature: amphibian and insect courses, botanical tours, ornithological courses …
Talks and training campaigns : taught and / or organized by IAN members in different parts of the Basque Country, especially in Álava.
Exhibitions: design and realization of samples on natural sciences.
Attention to the public: identification of samples, technical and scientific advice …

Finally, the Institute has promoted several conservation campaigns, issuing technical reports to provide proposals and positioning itself in relation to plans, projects or activities harmful to biodiversity.
All this effort is reflected, in addition, in the more than fifty publications of all kinds in which they have participated, as authors or main collaborators, members of the Institute.

El Instituto Alavés de la Naturaleza-Arabako Natur Institutua (IAN-ANI) es una asociación cultural y científica, de carácter no lucrativo cuyos fines son: El estudio y conocimiento del medio natural;La divulgación de sus conocimientos y resultados de las investigaciones realizadas; La protección y conservación del patrimonio natural.